Calgary Car, RV & Self Storage Unit Sizes

Storage Unit Size

The big question. How much space do you need? Below you will find a general guide to assist you in making this decision. Sometimes it is better to be on the safe side and rent a slightly larger storage space. This would particularly hold true in cases where the facility was almost at capacity. In this case if you rented a unit that was too small, you may not be able to upgrade or rent additional space.

The following chart can be used as a general guideline.

Storage Space Chart

Size (Ft.) Sq.Ft. Equivalent Vehicle Required Can Be Used To Store
. <20 locker car Papers, small boxes
5x5 25 hall closet pick-up Small Furniture – Several Small Boxes
5x10 50 walk-in closet cargo van Small Bedroom – Couch, Mattress, Several Boxes
5x15 75 lrg walk-in closet 14' truck 1 bedroom apartment
10x10 100 Small Bedroom 16' truck 1 bedroom apartment with appliances
10x12 120 medium bedroom 20' truck 2 bedroom apartment
10x15 150 large bedroom 24' truck 2 bedroom apartment with appliances
10x20 200 single garage 24' truck 2 – 3 bedroom apartment / house with appliances
10x25 250 large garage 26' truck 3 – 4 bedroom house with appliances
10x30 300 1 1/2 car garage 30' trailer 4 – 5 bedroom house with appliances
10x40 400 2 car garage 40' trailer 5 bdrm house, vehicles or use as mini-warehouse